Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Weekly Wonderings #138

1. How sneaky is my state in making the 2009-2010 California Healthy Kids Survey notification an opt-out deal?

2. Pretty effin' sneaky, in my book. As a researcher, I happen to wholeheartedly support research such as this. But ethically speaking? Opt-outs suck. I amthisclose to not giving my permission on principle.

3. Ever find yourself signed up to receive something you never wanted or getting automatic renewals when you hate such animals? It's probably because you missed an opt-out.

4. Want to know what they're asking middle schoolers? Find the core survey questionnaire at WestEd's site here.

5. What's my biggest beef about the opt-out in this case? That the opt-out slip was sent home with the kids to give to the parents. And if the kid neglected to give it to the parent? Oh, well. I believe the term is, "Gotcha!"

6. In mid-October, I collected money from parents for gifts to the coaches of Youngest's soccer team. On October 22, I sent a note to the three people who could never be bothered to tell me if they would be contributing. 

7. On January 3, I got a reply from one, who noted that she'd been very ill following back surgery (in October) and had only just seen my message.

8. I pooh-poohed her offer to send me $10 now.

9. Primarily because, come on, I'm not going to go give them each another $5 now.

10. And because, come on, I didn't want to give her my address. Her son is one of those out-of-control precious souls whose mommy and daddy try to reason him out of his bad behavior, to much failure.

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Tara R. said...

I can't stand that schools send notes home via the kids. The system has our emails, send me a message directly! Save a tree!

CrAzY Working Mom said...

I've e-mailed the teacher before and it would be days before I receive a response. She's an old school type...send it home with the kids kind of person.

I don't blame you for not giving her your address!


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