Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Weekly Wonderings #139

1. Seriously, one of my favorite lines of late is "Who knew the most noteworthy thing in Obama's first year was going to be Aretha Franklin's hat?"

2. Another one? "Good hair always wins in an election."

3. And I don't think anyone was talking about Sen. Naked Cosmo Guy's hair down there.

4. Speaking of hair, one of my least favorite lines being bandied about nowadays down at Youngest's school? "The lice is back."

5. Damn suckers -- pun not really intended but now that I realize it's a pun I guess you could say it is intended -- couldn't be held back and be inflicting the first graders. Thanks a lot. 

6. In somewhat related news, I had to laugh when a FBriend noted he was home with a kidney stone.

7. [Okay, that definitely beats being home with a kidney bean.]

8. Mostly I laughed because people were leaving him notes like, "Hope it passes soon!" and "Stay hydrated!"

9. Which makes me wonder what other things people surely must put in their status updates.

10. Like "Constipated!" or "Waiting for the penicillin to kick in!"

[Photo of shirt swiped from CafePress. 'Cause there are no original thoughts.]


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D... said...

The dreaded L word. I get so paranoid when I see a student scratch the ole head. Sigh.

Giggles said...

Laugh out loud...funny post! I am amazed at what people share on fb! Hilarious!

Hugs Giggles


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