Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordy Wednesday #92: Stiff Upper Lip

He is half-British, after all, this man-child of mine, so referring to a "stiff upper lip" is certainly within the realm of maternal privilege.

A couple of days ago, he turned and the light fell on his face in such a way that it looked like he had a freakin' moustache. I'm sure his ego was way stoked when his mother started fussing over him, telling him she had to grab a camera and get a decent shot of the hair coming in. "You're gonna post it on the blog, aren't you? 'Eldest grows a moustache,' you're gonna say, aren't you?"


And, in other news, how about some 360° updates?

9°: I volunteered to sell tickets to Daughter's dance recital Saturday night. The show was sold out in advance -- can I pick the volunteer jobs to do or what -- but everyone had been encouraged to sell back tickets they didn't need. When people came up to say they had an extra ticket, I persuaded each and every one of them to "donate" it rather than get their paltry three bucks back. Why is that a good thing? One dollar of every ticket sold went to the charity Little Wishes.

10°: Counting money at church on Monday, I let my partner-in-crime ramble on and on about this, that and the other without pointing out, "Dude, you were 15 minutes late, and I have to be across town for an appointment at the time we normally finish." On the downside, I did scream at him a lot. But only in my head.


Tara R. said...

We got our 16yo an electric razor for Christmas, he has yet to use it. Not sure what that is all about though.

D... said...

I dread the day when I casually ask if there's any hair and I get an affirmative. Sigh. But, yeah, I'll blog it as well!

That's awesome about the donations. :)


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