Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordy Wednesday #93: Brace Yourself

I must love him best. I mean, how many times has any one of my many, many children been in a Wordy Wednesday two weeks in a row?

Come on, though, dude just got his expander and first set of braces on. Doesn't he deserve more than having the expander tool wielded by his mother slip and poke a hole in the roof of his mouth the very first time? [Oh, yes, I did. Bad mother!] Who thinks he'll wince every single time I have to do it for the next 24 evenings?

Here's to the down payment on thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of orthodontic equipment. Dude better not get in a car wreck when he's 19 and eff up all his teeth like someone else I know did.


mayberry said...

My mother didn't poke a hole in the roof of my mouth, but she did drop the expanded tool thingie DOWN MY THROAT. So you got company, sister.

(Obviously I gagged it up and lived to tell the tale. Repeatedly.)

Patois42 said...

MM, I am SO telling Eldest about that. Although, your repeated telling of the tale scares me.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Yeah, I never had the expanded tool thing. So, no parental bonding over braces there.

But then, I did have two years of braces with headgear and my teeth have slowly unstraightened themselves over the last 22 years.


D... said...

Ah, yes, the expander. My son had that, too. His daddy did the turning. One night, he was out of town and I had to do it. Yep, I poked a hole in the roof of his mouth, too.

How is he doing with it? J did great but a friend had to have it taken out and just had teeth pulled out instead.

And then there's my daughter who cries after every visit because she STILL has the braces on well after 2 years of wearing them.

Jomama said...

Ugh, first orthodontic visit for youngest child in 3 weeks. This is the inflexible-hates-change-hypersensitive child. Not going to be any fun at all.


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