Thursday, January 21, 2010

You've Been Starring in My Dreams

The best thing I've ever done with this paperweight of a computer on my desk is set the screensaver to play through the thousands upon thousands of photos I have. [Guilt-provoking memo to self: scan the thousands of pictures taken before you got your digital camera in 1999.]

I also have the Google desktop which plays through the same photos, only in miniature. I enlarged one of Daughter when she was nearly two. Pete happened by and said, "I miss that little girl."

That girl of ours was such the Daddy's Little Girl. [Second guilt-provoking memo to self: remember how much she hated me during those years?]

That sweet, giggly, easily amused girl is still with us. More so than the two boys, who have changed in personality and temperament, Daughter remains, at heart, that little girl so beloved by her Daddy.


Tyne said...

So cute! I was looking back at old photos and videos too and I think I shed a little tear!

mayberry said...

She is extremely cute! And: I JUST wrote a post about the photo slideshow screen saver deal. funny.

D... said...

I look at old pictures and miss those kids, too. And I have the same guilt-provoking memo to self: scan those pre-digital camera pictures. Instead, I waste time.


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