Monday, February 15, 2010

FBriends and FBrenemies

I got an accusatory *Anonymous* comment on my blog yesterday morning. No, it wasn't one of those horribly misspelled and convoluted messages touting offshore casinos or Viagra. [To those drug pimps? Dude, have you not been paying attention that I'm losing my health insurance? I can't afford any pills, particularly ones that aren't subsidized by Big Pharms with their kickbacks to the evil-doers who are in the health insurance industry.]

No, this came from someone whom I had recently offended with all my rants about school closings and the lies we tell each other and the tales we spread about each other and my elitist, racist, self-centeredness. You know, middle school stuff.

*Anonymous* ripped me for my rant against the Realtor (TM) who emailed parents asking them to lie on a survey as one possible means of sticking it to the, the school district.

"Isn't free speech great? Although I'd like to remind you that they [sic] elder kids attend a program improvement school, but so is the whole district. But if you had all the facts on the 'loser' schools you'd know that. It is nice to see that you are showing your kids it is ok to use the internet to bash people. I've read some of your posts in the past and have noticed that, I guess internet bullying is not an issue in your house."

What could I possibly say to that? I mean, what could I say? Nothing, right?

You think?

So, yeah, I found out who it was. [Dur. Can you say "invisible web tracker"?]

And I posted a comment on the blog post:

"Yes, Anonymous, free speech is great. You know what else is great? Knowing where Anonymous commenters come from. I guess I should start being more selective about whom I 'friend' on Facebook, eh?

As for Internet bullying, you're barking up the wrong tree. I don't name names. If I were really a bully, I'd be naming yours."
That felt strangely satisfying. In a Bully McBully type way.


Anonymous said...


tiff said...

Choice! WE all have a choice whether to read your blog or not...our blogs are our own...we do not force anyone to sit down and be tortured by our words...

I am amazed by people in for FBers well...that world is just beyond me...I am on FB, but interesting enough I find it hilarious the people that ask me to be their if it is a game to see who has the most friends...cuz' I have a better virtual relationship with you, then half the people that ask to be my weird as that might sound.

keep typing your thoughts...i heart reading what you have to say!

Tara R. said...

One of the best reasons I like Wordpress - not being able to leave anonymous comments without an email. Your commenters has no idea what internet bullying really is.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Hey, Anonymous needs to learn the difference between on-line bullying a free-friggin'-speech.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, anyway, I'm not a fb friend. I'm just a person who happened along a post and found it interesting that someone put so much energy and ire into an email, not that Patty hasn't done that before. I do have immigrant ancestors, I work at one of those "loser" schools, and I know that if you send an email from work it has your work info automatically posted at the end (I guess Patty doesn't know that). But no hard feelings, for Patty gave me a great discussion topic for ethics. I looked forward seeing her at an up coming PTA meeting.

Patois42 said...

Oh, how this truly cracks me up. The first Anonymous is, of course, the one who left the comment. The second? The one who professes to not be an FB friend? Tracking shows that's where the person originally comes from. She notes that she works at the bad neighborhood school, which makes her the friend of my FB friend. Gee, can I figure out who given that information and the link she came from?

I've heard about things like this happening. I do believe it might be construed as "Internet bullying."

Hold me, I'm afraid.

Janet said...

This is exactly why I do not talk about my blog on FB.

Pete said...

Just to wade in with my two cents worth here, I did find it fascinating that “Anonymous” said that she wasn’t a fb friend and that she had “just happened by the post” yet in the next sentence said that she found it “interesting that someone put so much energy and ire into an email, not that Patty hasn't done that before”. From that, and her calling Patty, “Patty” three times in one sentence, it seems that she has just happened on my wife’s blog quite often.

Then to pull the “my ancestors were immigrants” card is, to me at least, just hilarious. For as we all know, unless this is Pocahontas replying we all have immigrant ancestors. In fact not only does Patty also have immigrant ancestors but she is married to a first generation immigrant and her children are dual nationals. Gee, I sure hope you’re not trying to insinuate some kind of prejudice beyond wanting the best education for her Children. (because at the end of the day that is what we are discussing here). That would be really unethical of someone who doesn’t know my wife and who “Just happened by” a post and felt so morally and ethically outraged that she had to reply with

So might I suggest two things. Firstly, if you don’t like what or how my wife writes simply stop reading her blog and if you want a real topic for an ethics class how about the ethics of one school having more spent on a per student basis than another school simply because one school has lower overall test scores? Benefitting from failure would make a fascinating ethics discussion.

Peter (with a “t”)

Kelly O said...

Aaaw, Peter = awesome. :)

To paraphrase Sartre, hell is other parents.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Heh, LOL @ Peter with a T! :)

Like you said, I like you and yours. ;)

Debbie said...


Peter, you're a good man.

Patois, am fathoms-deep in love with you as of this moment.

(I'd propose, but obv Peter beat me to it. A worthy adversary.)


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