Friday, February 12, 2010

Vultures Swoop In

So I owned up to being a racist, elitist bitch yesterday. Okay, yeah, you already knew about the bitch part. But the racist and elitist was certainly news to regular readers.

Last night, I went to the PTA meeting at the middle school Eldest and Daughter attends. Like Youngest's elementary school, the middle school is on the chopping block as well. Tell me that doesn't fill me with enough angst to have people mistake me for a heartbroken young teen. Assuming it's dark and they're far away, of course.

The meeting was lengthy. I had promised I'd leave by 8 p.m. I texted home and extended it to 8:30. But I had no choice but to ditch then. So did another parent, the person who happens to be the PTA president at the much-maligned elementary school Youngest attends.

And what happens AFTER we leave? The chicken-shit attendees who know where our younger kids go start bashing their school. The one who brings up changing our school to a neighborhood one -- which, frankly, is fine by me because it would be my neighborhood school? Fair enough.

The one who opens with "Don't even get me started" and then proceeds to make outrageous claims about my kids -- in the general form of "kids who go to that school"? What a chicken shit. The PTA secretary -- the only one still in attendance with kids at Youngest's school -- tries to stop the woman. The secretary points out that as PTA secretary, she can't walk out of the meeting so the bashing needs to stop.

And so the room quiets.

What happens when the economy tanks and the state keeps taking away money from the communities and the little fiefdoms of school districts can't possibly consider joining forces and eliminating administrative costs and the teachers join together and refuse to even discuss working two fewer days next year and the f$#kers in the school district pit school against school and parent against parent?

The vultures swoop in.

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[Edited to add: My understanding talking with another person present was the secretary capably made her point, and the other person was shamed into silence.]


Jocelyn said...

Ah, frack. This is all just gut-wrenching stuff.

We got a letter yesterday that the magnet school we send our kids to is being "de-magnetized," which means they won't get bussing after this year, which means we'd have to drive them a fair distance, which means, I dunno. I hate that school choices are ho-hum at best, and then they downgrade from there.

CrAzY Working Mom said...

Vultures indeed! Maybe it's a good thing you left when you did!

Janet said...

Have mercy. We're not even through the first year and I already hate school politics. And ours isn't remotely as bad as yours.


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