Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Weekly Wonderings #141

1. One of my newest blog crushes -- have no fear, Jocelyn, you will always be my number one "brush" or "crog" -- is Slouchy. Her Pet Peeves post earlier this week was hilarious.

2. Plenty of laughs, but it definitely got me thinking about her #2: almost none of her closest friends read her blog.

3. Now, I have very few friends. [Save your f$#kin' pity, eh? I'm far happier that way. Much less stress and, besides, it gives me time for all you imaginary friends.] But my two closest friends read the blog, one quite religiously. [I think it's part of her morning constitution regimen, if you get my drift.]

4. My sister also reads this frequently. [That is totally NOT why I sing her praises. If you knew her, you'd sing her praises, too.]

5. More people I know used to read it, but then I pissed them off in some way by talking about incidents while -- HORRORS -- only presenting my perspective.

6. Yes, we need a button or T-shirt that says, quite pithily, "If you don't like what I'm saying about you, get your own damn blog."

7. Obviously, that needs work.

8. Change of topic: new rules on the school yard.

9. My personal favorite? This two-parter: Students are to go to the bathroom and get drinks during their allotted recess time. Students who choose to use the bathroom and get drinks after the bell has rung, will be required to give up five minutes of their next recess (use the orange bench forms). 

10. Hello, little first grader, do you know what time it is? Oh, you tell time by the bell ringing? Me, too. So, either wet your pants or have a seat on this bench you naughty, naughty first grader.


tiff said...

oh that hurts me...the last part of your post...i never understand/stood bathroom breaks only happening at a certain if a first grader or an adult has any control over their bodies timing...ugh! actually it really pisses me if we can control all children and if they can't follow the rules they will be punished dammit...poop at recess or sit in your own shit! really...does that make any sense!!!UGH!

i am one of your imaginary blog stalkers...and really enjoy coming over and reading your just say it like it is...and i heart that...thanks :)

Janet said...

I love Slouchy too. You bring up interesting points. Almost none of my real life friends read my blog. Although I don't have that many. Lots on Facebook, but many are high school friends who are so clueless about who I am (even in high school) that to tell them would only cause blank stares. My inlaws read it, but none of my own family. Sometimes I feel like my blog friends are better friends than the IRL variety. I should probably find that disconcerting. But I don't.

CrAzY Working Mom said...

"If you don't like what I'm saying about you, get your own damn blog."
I would so totally post this button on my blog! We need a button maker. :)

"it gives me time for all you imaginary friends" I'm with ya on this one! I'm glad you make time for me.

The school yard rules are obviously made by the principal. They seem to love to make up rules that make no sense and are completely impractical!

Beck said...

As I said at Slouchy's, pretty much everyone I know reads my blog. Including my Grandma. I've just grown numb to it, really.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis,
Pete and I both read your blog pretty much every day, and whether it's your perspective alone or whatever, I love your blog. And you as well.

S said...

Aww, thanks! I'm verklempt.

Jocelyn said...

Okay, first off: REALLY? I get to be your blog crush? I'm actually not sure anyone's ever had a crush on me before, ever, at all.

Oh, wait. There was one guy in college who was about 4.5 feet tall with kind of a big head, and his name was Guy, but we called him Guido, and, well, I feel much warmer from your affections.

But mostly, now that I've done my happy dance, WTF with the damn school being so effing ridiculous?


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