Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Weekly Wonderings #143

1. Sarcasm? Saying in yesterday's post "Our next lesson will be The Difference between Satire and Sarcasm."

2. More sarcasm? If you didn't know that, I'm going to refer you to the title of yesterday's post.

3. Want to know what irony is? A teacher using "up coming" instead of "upcoming."

4. Or how about a teacher lying and then talking about ethics?

5. Another bit of irony? My saying about this blog in my Weekly Wonderings a couple of weeks ago, "More people I know used to read it, but then I pissed them off in some way by talking about incidents while -- HORRORS -- only presenting my perspective."

6. So, how about that Tiger Woods public act of contrition?

7. Glad that Elin couldn't make it.

8. Sure did show me how strong a mother's love can be, though.

9. The only other pseudo-sports event we've seen this week was Lindsey Vonn taking the gold.

10. When did winners start giving acceptance speeches right after? Just shut up and get on the podium, 'k. [That? That's obviously jealousy.]

[Photo courtesy He does do a better contrite than me, don't you think?]


CrAzY Working Mom said...

I agree about 'ole T-man. I thought the same thing. His mom sat there so composed. I too wondered where his wifey was that he kept referring to. My thoughts: if she was really trying to work things out and stand by him, she would have been there. She wasn't so, I'm pretty sure she doesn't give a shit.

Janet said...

Yeah, acceptance speeches at the Olympics? No thank you.


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