Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Weekly Wonderings #144

1. Good news on the medical front: the hyperthyroidism is under control with the meds. TCH level is in the normal range.

2. Bad news on the medical front: if it's not the thyroid making the heart race, what the hell is?

3. Is it because I joked about coming up with reasons to visit doctors and hospitals in the time leading up to the end of my health insurance coverage?

4. Good news on the health insurance front: I've got a guaranteed issue policy, which, although costing a fortune, at least protects me if, for example, that was a real heart attack I was experiencing.

5. Bad news on the health insurance front: still don't know the reason I was declined for "regular" insurance.

6. Of course, at this point, I suppose it hardly matters seeing as, you know, inexplicable racing heart would probably be reason enough to decline me.

7. The nurse I met first with last night in the ER, upon learning my age, said, "Oh, you're in my age group. The 'Damn, We Look Good' group.'"

8. Alas, such a compliment did nothing for the racing heart.

9. In the end, the second EKG didn't have the weirdness seen in the first and the heart rate dropped to mid-80s with spikes of 110.

10. My take-away, which I shared with the doctor? Time to quit the crack.

[Photo coutesy the Justice Department, which I'm sure is now going to look into my cracks about crack. And meth. But thanks for the cool photo anyway!]

1 comment:

tiff said... discouraging to not know what is causing the heart to race...

but...i suppose if you did quit the crack...well your heart rate would go down and you might be able to afford health insurance...big grins :)

btw. i HEART EKG's...I have to see the heart dr. two times a year and each time they do an seeing all that flesh that is under my shirt!


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