Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'll Be Watching You

I talked to my friend as soon as I hung up the phone with the caller. I needed some grounding. My friend provided it, but she said something that sticks with me, days later.

"Ew. Ick. They're watching you."

Or something like that.

It's a blog. This? My little piece of the Internets? It's a blog. It's not investigative reporting. It's not published commentary. It's not the op-ed pages. Shit, it isn't even well written.

Another friend mentioned that she reads my entries and likens them to how I felt about something in the moment.

It's not necessarily my final opinion, yea or nay. [Well, unless we're talking about f#$kin' health insurance companies sucking. They suck. As long as they are for-profit making their profits wading through the corpses of the dying and the sick, they will forever suck.]

I am a work in progress. Or, as we used to call it in my marketing days at the Chronicle, a work in process. [Dude, where's your WIP sheet? I need to report to the so-and-so who will tell the so-and-so who will go to the so-and-so who will beg Hearst for another $66 million to keep us afloat another year.]

And then there's the mere acquaintance -- a muckety-muck, it so happens -- who said, "Are they asking you to keep quiet because of what you're saying or just because you're saying?"

Screw it. No, I will not take down pages which offend. No, I will not take back what I've said.

I will liken myself to the media in just one way: people want to shoot the messenger. Why not shoot the message instead?

And, seriously? Am I not a lesson in why you should not post naked photos of yourself in a drunken moment because, as intelligent people know, you can't put the genie back in the bottle? If, you know, the genie is your secret and the bottle is the Internet. No, wait, is that right? Is the bottle the Internet? And, if so, will you stop hogging the bottle and give me a swig already?

[Photo from Although I'm pretty sure it's not an original but that's where I swiped it. Check with them to see who actually took the photo. I'm too lazy to do it. Besides, I'm drinking.]


Tara R. said...

The thing that stuns me, is that only the people involved would know who/what you're blogging about. It's THEIR negative comments that could identify anything. If they'd shut up, problem solved.

Patois42 said...

Precisely. Which is why I had to go and create that "shut the fuck up already and stop speaking in tongues" category for the people who don't know me in IRL but whom I've grown ever so fond of. Like you, of course, Tara.

In other news, I did get a guaranteed issue health insurance policy. A HIPAA (with the cost, I'm sure, of a HIPPO.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

I hate it when people react negatively to blog posts. Excuse me? I'm speaking my frakking mind. I'm being honest. If you have a problem with it? Quit coming back for more. Because it is my corner of the Internet and as long as I'm not telling lies/slandering, then freedom of speech, baby.

Fuck 'em. There. I cussed.

Much love, hon!

Lori said...

I think it is Very well the way.

Patois42 said...

So glad CMD has come to the dark side.

And, Lori, you have to say it's very well written because, hello...I pay you to be a BFF. (Hey, I'm a little short this month. Howzabout you float me?)


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