Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Is it April First or Something?

The hell with trying to figure out how to monetize popular sites like Twitter or how to bring in enough revenue on a newspaper's online site to pay for the enormous overhead of good journalists or how to provide a quality education to all of the children in California in light of Prop 13 and useless government workers with the propensity to create more useless jobs to suck taxpayers dry and provide nothing in return.

Let's figure out how Death Bear can make a living so he keeps on doing his part to "relieve people of painful remnants of their pasts: love letters, photos, even underwear."

Yes, this New York performance artist is contacted by people looking to shed trinkets they've saved of failed relationships. LA Times reporter Tina Susman has an article on Death Bear and what he does in an article from yesterday.

You've got to read it. And then you have to ask yourself two questions.

"What do I have in my life I'd want to shed?"

"I wonder if he'd be interested in franchises?"

[Photo courtesy Los Angeles Times.]

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