Monday, March 15, 2010

An Old Person

We've had the Wii Fit Plus for all of five or six days now. I was in first place in nearly all of the games.

But only because I played first.

Those children of mine? And that scrawny, in-shape older sister of mine?

Kicking my butt on every single game.

Except I just tried the golf for the first time. Champion. Yeah, I said "Champion."

Eldest's reaction when I told him? "Well, yeah, because you're old."

This from the same kid who said I didn't have to lose weight. Why? "Because you're old."


Jomama said...

At least you've opened the dang box! We got wii fit for Christmas, and have not opened it yet...maybe by Easter?

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

We don't have a Wii. Because every gaming system we've ever bought gets caked in dust due to disuse.


gudnuff said...

Is it really that awesome? I keep running into people around my (our?) age who seem downright giddy from the use of it. Really? Hmmmmmm. And when do you use it? Mornings? Is anyone else around to witness your attempts? 'cause I don't want any witnesses. 'cause their eyes would break or something and we don't have vision insurance.


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