Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Weekly Wonderings #145

1. I look around the mud pit that is our hillside and am quieted, ever so slightly, about the state of my wood floors.

2. There was a respite from the rain yesterday, and I managed to get to the compost pile without sliding down the hill.

3. Yes, we have it well removed from the house so as not to bother the rats whilst they dine at the buffet.

4. I can't claim that joke as an original. [You're thinking one of two things: That was a joke? Who'd want to claim it?]

5. If the weather cooperates today, I think I'll dig out one of the garden areas in anticipation of planting our $300 pepper.

6. On the upside, at least the rhubarb can be harvested this year. The elderly man who gave it to me to plant last year made me promise not to harvest the first season.

7. We've got big, big plans for the weekend: selling Girl Scout cookies outside the grocery store, Youngest's basketball game, a birthday party for Youngest to attend and, mayhaps the highlight, the Pinewood Derby race.

8. They're going to hold the race at the Infineon Raceway, a place which hosts a NASCAR race in June each year.

9. I hope that means I can throw back a few beers whilst watching the Cub Scouts race their cars.

10. Or at least make fun of a few NASCAR fans. [Is there a People of NASCAR site akin to the People of Walmart one?] [All hate mail welcomed with open trash can.]

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Tara R. said...

A People of NASCAR would be hilarious. My dad lives near Bristol Speedway. The characters you see in town on race day is a little scary.

Tatiana said...

I can't even tell you how much I'm looking forward to fresh rhubarb! Mmmm. Need to find something to do with it other than pairing it with strawberries -- not that there's anything wrong with that, I just figure there's gotta be more than one way to use the stuff!


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