Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Weekly Wonderings #146

1. Can I tell you how much fun the Wii Fit Plus is?

2. Nah, I will so freakin' bore the crap out of you.

3. But I want you to envision this: five of us working out to Kung Fu, all in a line. [With Aunt Ginny standing in for Pete.] And having too much fun.

4. Poor kids, though, who have "issues" when they "lose."

5. Nothing deflates a 13-year-old boy's sense of cool to have his mother know all the words and guitar riffs to his favorite rock ballads.

6. Actually, mentioning that she saw the bands in concert 30+ years ago does a good job of roughing him up, too.

7. And, while I'm all for honesty and integrity and yadda-yadda-yadda, I didn't mention why I found the light shows back then so entertaining.

8. Speaking of illicit drugs, word is out that a seventh grade boy's mother found pot in his backpack. This is one of the "good" kids with a mother I thought was on top of it. [I guess to a degree she was on top of it as she found the dope.]

9. Is it hypocritical to come down hard on a kid for smoking dope at the same age you were when you started?

10. Who cares if it is?


Michele R said...

I love the photo! I don't have Wii Fit but you have motivated me to play some Wii Resort tonight.
On your #9, no it is not hypocritical because times have changed. Take drinking for instance. Years ago if you were at a n'hood party doing this the cops would practically escort you home and talk tot he parents. Now it is extremely severe. And as parents we need to be all in our kids sh*t no matter how wonderful they are at home and at school and with other families.

mayberry said...

Kung fu rhythm is so weird and awesome and weirdly awesome. My son likes to mess up on purpose so the big pot (ha, there's that word) falls on his Mii's head.

Tyne said...

That is so awesome that you knew all the lyrics and guitar rifts to the rock ballads! You are one rockin' mom.


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