Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordy Wednesday #100

With seventh grade science comes a discussion of genes. Last night, Eldest's assignment was to conduct a census of the household on a number of traits, including:

Hairy vs. hairless fingers
Widow's peak vs. no widow's peak
Curly hair vs. straight hair
Cleft chin vs. no cleft chin
Dimples vs. no dimples

And, most important to this post, attached earlobes vs. detached earlobes.
I am an attached soul surrounded by a sea of detached people. And making fun of their detached lobes is purely delicious. 'Cause I'm a bitch like that. [It's one of my most dominant traits.]

If you're looking to ridicule your own detached earlobe offspring, give me a holler and I'll share my best zingers.

[Photo courtesy]

[And, yes, if I were the only detached earlobe person, I'd be making fun of their attached earlobes. Get over your detached selves.]


tiff said...

I love it! Making fun is the best way to survive...hee :) i would do the same...NOW i need to go and check out my families ears...giggle :)

Tara R. said...

I think my lobes are detached... haven't got a clue what the rest of the peeps are. I should have noticed this by now, wouldn't you think?

Jomama said...

I remember this exercise from 7th grade. As a Korean adoptee with an Irish father and Newfie mother, my results came out a I wrote that I got my hair color from my Dad, and decided skin color, eye shape, and hair texture must be recessive, heh.

Patois42 said...

Oh, Jomama makes me giggle as it is in a similar vein that has me ragging on the school for its stance that kids need to talk about when their ancestors came to America. A large enough percentage are first generation. Duh.

Michele R said...

It is fun when one of the offspring is studying that. The one that I recall most is what can be done with one’s tongue. My eldest cannot curl it with the two sides up like the rest of us can. It is a hoot seeing him try.


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