Thursday, April 1, 2010

It Takes One to Know One

Second grade in California is all about family trees and genealogy and ancestors. About two months ago, Youngest was given the assignment of doing his ancestor report. I think it was his homework for the week. A dutiful boy -- go figure -- he completed it and turned it in.

Fast forward about 10 days. His teacher approached me to say she had looked everywhere but couldn't find it. As it was a big part of the entire project that she was going to provide to everyone, she was wondering if he'd re-do it over winter break. She'd even pay him off with a bonus good-rewards card. Being the rewards card whore he is, he re-did the project with zero cajoling.

Fast forward to yesterday. His teacher approached me right before the day let out. It was Open House last night, and she was making sure everything is in order.

She couldn't find his ancestor report. Again. The second one he did. She also couldn't find another boy's family timeline. She knew she had it because his was the first one turned in. She remembered showing all of the other students that boy's timeline. She wanted to make sure they knew how to do it.

I eyed one of the "others" in the class. I said to her, "You need to ask FIRST GRADE TEACHER if things went missing in her class last year. Let's call it a hunch."

*          *          *

She found me an hour later in the book fair. She had talked to the teacher. My hunch was right. Assignments and projects had gone missing last year. But it wasn't the kid I had wondered about. It was another child. An overachieving child who always, always, always has to be best. And first.

*           *           *

There's no proof that girl took Youngest's two completed ancestor reports. Or the other student's timeline, the first one completed and returned to class. Youngest is very bright, very conscientious, very often at the top of his class.

There's only a hunch. And a pattern. And a knowledge of what some people will do that comes from being some people.


gudnuff said...

Whoa! That is intense.

Jomama said...

Wow--never heard of such a thing! Now you know whom to watch, anyway. How did you find out who it was?

mayberry said...

That sucks! I feel sorry for a child who's acting that why by 1st grade!

Tara R. said...

That is very odd. I can't imagine how bad she will get before she makes it to high school.

Daisy said...

Oh, how sad - for all involved, but especially for the thief. Highly at risk -- for depression, and more.


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