Monday, April 5, 2010

Tipping the Scales

I think I've mentioned before how my sister outdoes me in all categories. [Okay, not in children, but that's intentional on her part. Otherwise, you can bet she'd have more and smarter ones than the ones I'm saddled blessed with.]

She is smarter. She is far hipper. [That's hipper not hippIer.] She is prettier. She is richer. She is skinnier. That last point bears repeating. She is skinnier. And she has gotten way more skinny in the last year or so. She's like Lindsay Lohan now: one stomach flu away from fading away.

No, she is not THAT skinny. No need to think intervention.

There's particularly no need to think intervention because look what I got in the mail today.

Can you see the NINE pairs of outrageously expensive jeans and the six pairs of shorts? They are all size 6 and 8. She will never be that size again. The size that I am.

*         *          *

My sister was visiting about a month ago. Out of the blue, she gave me a diamond pendant. She had a new one and never wore the old one. I have worn it many times since. And every time I put it on, I think of my wonderful sister.

I was telling the kids at dinner about the jeans I scored, and I said, "I'll never have to buy clothes again!"

Youngest said, "Well, maybe when you're 80."

Nope. I'll be wearing a pair of jeans or shorts and a diamond pendant, and I'll be thinking of Virginia and marveling that I scored a sister like her.

Did I ever tell you about how she used to steal my worn in jeans when we were much younger? I wrote about it here. I'd say we're even, yeah?



Fairly Odd Mother said...

Wow, now that is awesome! My sister is several inches shorter than me and a few sizes smaller, but she also shops a lot more than me, so I do sometimes score her tops she's discarded. Pants, never, but the other stuff is pretty great too.

Jomama said...

She beats my sister. Mine used to give hand-me-downs when we were kids, which chapped my hide since I was 2 years OLDER than her (that was 2 years of therapy right there).

The only time she passed anything along to me as an adult was when she wrapped up a skirt that she had already worn as a birthday gift. My suspicion that it was not a new gift, as it was totally not my style, were confirmed when I found gum wrappers in the pockets. Your sister sounds much classier!

Tara R. said...

See karma does work. She steals your jeans, now gives you hers. Nice!

Patois42 said...

Jomama, all I can say is at least there wasn't chewed gum left in the wrappers in the pockets.

Michele R said...

That is so cool. Smaller than a size 6 is pretty small. I guess the height works out? I am 5 ft. 6" and I am amazed these days at how long the jeans/pants are in the stores!

Patois42 said...

We are both vertically challenged, my sister and I. I am the tall one at 5'2". I recently bought a pair of jeans -- damn, why didn't I know she would be sending me all those jeans!! -- and I have to roll them up twice because they are so long. (Boo Old Navy! Perhaps I should only shop in old lady places.)

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Um, can I get adopted into this family?

You guys both sound awesome.

tiff said...

i want to be a size 8...dammit!


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