Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Weekly Wonderings #148

1. Listening to what turns out to be a sales pitch at the middle school last week, I wondered how obvious my disdain was.

2. Disdain? Why disdain? For starters, the dude talked about how our manner of educating kids hasn't changed since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution 70 years ago.

3. I'm going to let that sink in.

4. Then there was his slide show presentation noting "cognative skills."

5. And his discussion of something being "nucleated."

6. Of course, his impersonations of the original Captain Kirk -- without any Shatner-like crooning, thankfully -- sealed the deal.

7. I was grateful for my never-ending headache so my wincing could be misinterpreted.

8. It was during that presentation that I realized that I truly am a negative person.

9. Henceforth, if I have nothing good to say about something, I'm going to stay quiet.

10. *

*Guess I won't be posting for awhile.


Jocelyn said...

But I mean, really.

How can one NOT be negative in the face of such crap dressed up as meat?

I'm so sick of such presentations. So effing sick of 'em.

Off to join you in Negativity Detention now...

5 Kids With Disabilities said...

You do not have to be a negative person to respond negatively to such a situation! UGH! WHO could have enjoyed that? Sometimes the "professionals" just talk for the sake of talking. That is how they earn their living...
Lindsey Petersen

Tyne said...

How could you even focus on all the crap in his presentation? Weren't you just captivated by his looks? HA!

tiff said...

quiet...oh no!

let me tell you it is hard to stay quiet when the word "education" is mentioned!

hope you are out of your silence soon.


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