Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordy Wednesday #101

He is still 7 years old. He won't be 8 for another eight days. If I start calling him 8 now, that means I'll have to fork over birthday presents. And I don't ever pony over presents until the actual event. Period. The end.

When I brought my first baby to the pediatrician's office when he was close to 1, the doctor gave us this guideline:

At 1, the baby is 75% baby and 25% child.
At 2, the baby is 50% baby and 50% child.
At 3, the baby is 25% baby and 75% child.
At 4, the baby is 100% child.

I've discovered that the 100% is due to rounding. That boy who is now 7 and is soon 8? He is really 99.56% child. And .44% baby.

The same is true for my 13-year-old and his 11-year-old sister. I suspect the same is true when my mom looks at me.

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Jomama said...

From my limited sample size of 3 males in my 44 they are still 50% child, heh.


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