Monday, May 10, 2010

11 Years Old and Already Kissing

"When I was in fifth grade, we hid behind the Quonset hut at recess and played Truth or Dare," I said to the woman doing yard duty with me at recess on the upper yard today.

Just then, I noticed the three fifth grade boys over on the edge of school property. One of them had just gone halfway over the bridge, off campus, as if on a dare. A second one was taking a few steps onto the bridge when I blew my whistle. [Damn, can I tell you how much I adore having a whistle? If I could get away with using it the house, I so would, much to the detriment of my ever-decreasing hearing ability.]

I called into the office, asking if the principal was in. As I walked to the boys, I explained over the walkie-talkie that I saw the boys going off campus, toward the shopping center, likely on a dare.

The principal asked me to send the three boys to the office.

A few minutes later, she asked me to stop in the office after recess to discuss an issue.

When I arrived, she ushered me into her office and called the boys in after me, saying, "We seem to have a problem. The boys said they didn't go onto the bridge, that they were just touching the pole as a dare."

I explained what I saw: the first boy going halfway, the second boy taking just a step or two before my excessive whistle blowing, and the third boy not having done it (at least as far as I had seen).

"Is that true, T? Did you go onto the bridge?" she asked the first boy.


"Why did you say you hadn't?" she pressed.

"Because I didn't want to get in trouble," he said.

Some of the non-players of Truth or Dare so many years ago ratted out the rest of us. There were five boys and five girls. Four of the girls were in the same class. The remaining girl was in the same class with the five boys.

I was that lone girl raising her hand in a classroom filled with 32 kids when the teacher said, "Who has been playing Truth or Dare at recess behind the Quonset hut?" Five boys and I facing the music and hearing the snickers and, for me, being teased mercilessly by the other kids in the class because, let's face it, I looked like the class slut.

I'd have lied for sure, if I'd thought I'd been able to get away with it. But I didn't. Lie. Or get away with it.

Hell, at least I'd gotten kissed.

Those boys today? Heh.


tiff said...

Whistles are a powerful tool. And amazing how quickly we have kiddo's trained to listen & stop when we they hear it...ha ♥

kissing at 11...quite frankly this 10 and up business is scary to me...i am just glad my guys are going to middle school where their daddy is the principal...hee♥ hee♥

Coma Girl said...

I need a whistle!

Tara R. said...

if you're going to get in trouble for something you did, you really should make it worthwhile.

I need a whistle too.


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