Friday, May 14, 2010

I Know it When I See it

Like Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said with regard to pornography and obscenity, I can't define what makes But I know it when I see it.

I have an extremely talented and creative friend who is an artist. A real life artist. She's an eco-artist. [Which, by the by, is in no way like an eco-terrorist. In case you were worried.] Lori takes pieces of trash or discarded items or garage sale trinkets and she creates.

She creates art. You can check out her work at Lori Krein Studios.

Last month, she entered a video contest called ArtShots, a collaboration between The 48 Hour Film Project and Artsopolis. The idea was to pair artists with filmmakers to make a 30-90 second video about the artist in 30 days. She was matched up with filmmaker David Rigel Brooks.

Do me a favor and take all of 42 seconds to vote for their video.

Click on this link, select the button next to your favorite video (hers is the second one on the list), complete the personal data section at the bottom of the ballot and click the "Vote" button to submit your choice. You may only vote once. [See, I'm not asking you to stuff the ballot box 123 times. Just one vote.]

Help a starving artist. [Okay, she's not starving, but, come on, it's art.]

[Photo of Lori's work Splash swiped from her website.]


mayberry said...

Small world moment! I know some of the people who run the 48-Hour Film Project. I'll click over for Lori.

Coma Girl said...

I voted. Good luck to her!

Anonymous said...

Finally catching up on reading your blog...thanks for posting this! I'll let you know what happens at the awards ceremony next Monday night. You are the best friend EVER!! LOVE YOU!!!


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