Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lost and Found

If you've found your way thinking I'm going to be yakking it up about the TV series "Lost," you're sorely mistaken. I know that the series ended the other night. I never saw an episode. We only watch public broadcasting.

Hahahahahaha. Oh, God, that is too funny.

If four classrooms of 20 second graders board two buses with their four teachers and at least four parents from each classroom, how many children will get lost?

Additional mathematical variables required to answer that question include the number of fathers who were among the parent total.

And another bit of information required to answer that question is how well the children enjoy being in their 1:4 parent:student small groups.

The final bit of data necessary to fully answer the question is noting how quickly time flies when a parent is responsible for keeping an eye on four separate heads, only one of the heads belonging to his (or, theoretically, her) beloved, precocious only child.

On the upside, we didn't leave the Lawrence Hall of Science until we'd found the lost child. And I had berated the father in question for his lack of herding skills.

Now, was that as confusing a wrap-up of the field trip as the last episode of "Lost" purportedly was?


Stefanie said...

That is too much. An SO true. How long was the kid lost? And why is it always the dad?

Patois42 said...

She decided she'd had enough of her group and went with another set of kids. That mother just assumed she'd cleared it. So, it's not always the fathers who drop the ball. (But wouldn't it make for more compelling stories if it were? And, for the record, my husband has never lost any kids in his charge.

Michele R said...

I have been a volunteer here and there and I always get about 7 boys, one of which is mine. I pull my kid aside and make him point out every name of each kid. And then I ask the kids too to be sure I have a good mental image. When they go to the bathroom I wait there with an eagle eye. Anyway, it is hard to imagine losing one in a group of four. I am used to a school where you may get two parent volunteers for a trip.
BTW, my Hubs had an all day field trip two weeks ago and had no parent volunteers (he's the teacher) and they went to a Holocaust museum, a Civil War museum and a park for lunch. No one got lost. I think it is better in the older grades. But he did have a parent not show up at school at 4:30 and he had to wait for awhile until the asst. principal told him to go home and she'd wait.
I would have said something too.

Patois42 said...

I will point out that my beration of him was done with good humor. (Which, as we know, I definitely use!) What a loser of a parent showing up at 4:30 to pick up her/his kid.

tiff said...

That is fabulous...I thought I was really going to get a chance to practice my mad math skills...hee :)

BTW...I love the Lawrence Hall of Science...was their many, many, many years ago~ pre-children!


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