Thursday, May 27, 2010


Field trippin' with the second graders Tuesday was an eye-opening experience. Four boys were placed under my fine tutelage watchful eye drill sergeant command: Youngest, his very good friend, a very nice but easily distracted boy, and "Bloodhound."

"Bloodhound" is a little guy, not only small in stature but also young in maturity. This is the case even though he is a kindergarten-repeater, making him perhaps the oldest in the class. He is not a stupid kid; he is just remarkably immature. Even with social promotion still the rage, I see a flunking retention do-over in his near future.

When he's not playing elaborate games of Star Wars and Transformers and the like with other like-minded boys on the playground, he is stalking a classmate.

That's right: stalking.

He is obsessed with a girl in his class. She's the type of girl we'd all want as our daughter (or, many, many, many years from now, our daughter-in-law). She is cute. She is friendly. She is giggling at times but focused as required. She is funny. She is sweet. She is, in short, a lot like other second grade girls, but without an ounce of meanness in her.

And he follows her every move. Every. Move.

Is she reading a book in class? He's reading a book.

Is she sharpening her pencil? He's sharpening her pencil.

Is she raising her hand to ask a question? He's raising his hand to ask a question.

Is she on the monkey bars? He's there.

Is she now playing four-square? So is he.

That boy tried to ditch me a dozen times on the field trip, angling to make his way to her group. I started calling him "Sniffer." He could sniff her out anywhere she was at the Lawrence Hall of Science. And he had to be with her.

At first, it was kind of cute. But it escalated into downright creepy very quickly. I've never seen such obsession. I don't ever want to see it again.

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Jomama said...

Ick. Hope sniffer gets separated from his prey.


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