Tuesday, May 4, 2010

White Flight

Oh, sure, I'm as guilty as the next one. We won the lottery to get into the high-achieving elementary school way back when Eldest was headed into kindergarten. He, and his siblings after him, managed to avoid going to the lowest-achieving elementary school that is their designated neighborhood school.

I've never shied away from saying I'd make the same choice again, in an instant. Yes, I own the fact that I did not want them going to a school with dismal scores, a school where they would potentially be left adrift, a school where much focus is spent on the low achievers while the average or high-achieving kids are left drumming on the desks, waiting to have their curiosity piqued, their minds challenged. [Until fourth and fifth grade, that is, when at least the high achievers can get into the GATE class housed at the school.]

Call it "White Flight." Call it "Elitism." Call it "Selfishness." Call it whatever.

And when it's time to make the middle school decision, you will see many of the parents at the high-achieving elementary school opting to send their kids to the one middle school not in Program Improvement, to the one middle school with an extraordinarily high socioeconomic base, to the one middle school with the high API score.

And you can look at it and you can call it "White Flight." You can call it "Elitism." You can call it "Selfishness." You can call it whatever.

And you will.

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