Sunday, June 6, 2010

Chalk it up to Kids

The elementary school had its annual family picnic Friday night. The PTA provides the burgers and hot dogs and people bring sides and desserts to share. Unlike the massive production that is the fall fundraiser, what with auctions and photo booths and jumpy houses and organized carnival games and bake sales, this is remarkably low key.

And remarkably more fun. The kids run around on the field, playing their own pick-up games of soccer or kickball or tag or roll-in-the-grass-as-we-pretend-we-are-whatever, or they play on the couple of play structures or they make bubbles or draw with the chalk provided just for the occasion. The parents chat among their chosen cliques groups. The long lines for food seen in the fall aren't evident at the end of the year. Partly it's because you didn't chuck down $12 for a lousy meal so you don't have the attitude of, "I want my freakin' dinner. NOW." Partly it's because it's so casual.

But, yeah, it doesn't raise any money.

But, then again, the PTA has oodles of extra in its coffers, so, hey.

A number of us noticed who was missing at the picnic: the principal and all of the teachers. Not a one came by. I'm thinking they were all at a retirement party that must have been at the precise same three-hour timeframe as the family picnic. I'm sure there must be some explanation.

But people had fun, except, perhaps, that woman who had to sell the school T-shirts and sweatshirts the whole time. [BUT FOR THE LAST TIME EVER!]

When that woman and Youngest took Corrie the Wonder Mutt for a walk down at the school today, they noticed additional chalk drawings and even a mathematical equation:


I wonder if that's on the California STAR test?

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tiff said...

i love when gatherings are low key and not all about making money! sounds very relaxing & stress free.

however it concerns me that there were no teachers or principal at the event...that is so strange...i wonder if there was a mix up on the calendar and too many things planned.

i always like to go to the low key, as it is more fun to hang with the kids and their parents...but that is me!

tiff said...
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Patois42 said...

Let me point out that we did have one staff person there (in addition to the two custodial men). And, of course, I do yard duty three lunches per week, so I should count, right? But no teachers. And no principal.

Anonymous said...

Aw, come on, at least EMAIL me the "removed" comment! Ginny

Patois42 said...

For some bizarre reason, I'm getting double comments. Eluciq removed her duplicate. Now I'm removing yours, my darling sister.

Nothing nefarious here. You know me: I love comments, regardless if they come from feebs. (Not that either you or Eluciq are feebs. You know who those feebs are.)

Tara R. said...

Probably wouldn't have been nearly as fun and relaxed if teachers and principals had shown up.

Michele R said...

I've never seen chalk art that spelled that before!! Was it spelled correctly? Too funny about it being on the standardized test comment!

Lori said...

We also had the low-key end of the year band concert which was held outside in the courtyard instead of inside the stuffy and parents got to hang out and chat here too. It was fun! Although, we DID do a bake sale to raise money for the band...but mostly it was run by high school kids who needed community service hours, so it was ok. and we DID have teachers AND principal! hmm. wonder where yours were.


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