Monday, June 21, 2010

How We're Spending Our Summer Vacation

Pete's sister is in town, visiting from merry ole England -- where they play FIFA World Cup football like their lives didn't depend on it -- for about 10 days. So we headed up to Reno and Tahoe for a couple of days.

We stayed in the KOA outside of a hotel/casino called Boomtown. That's the place we normally stay because it has cheap rooms and a fun center where we can park the kids all day while we go carousing. But we opted for the even cheaper option of bringing our camper.

The best line of the trip? Officially dubbing the pop-up the Gary Coleman Memorial Camper. [Do I have to point out that our camper is a Coleman?] [Come on, it's funny.] [Whatchatalkingabout Willis?]

The best photo op of the trip? Pete's sister at the huge Cabela's near the campground.

The best view of the trip? Lake Tahoe, up close and personal. [And freezing ass cold, I might point out. And, yes, Pete, I understand the winds were coming over the snow down to us. Thank you, Mr. Meteorologist.]

The best idea of the trip? Throwing the scoundrels in the Virginia City prison.

Do you know that the peace sign here is actually an obscenity in England? Wait until all my in-laws see my angelic Youngest flashing it in all the pictures.

Peace out.


cjm said...

That's awesome. Although, if I were there my favorite part would definitely be the cold. So freakin' hot here.

Tara R. said...

Maybe you can use the last photo for your Christmas cards this year?

Lake Tahoe is gorgeous!


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