Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Hate Being the Nice One

From my colleague, commenting on an email I'd sent to a client:

"For sure, you are more diplomatic than me."

From my husband, commenting on my colleague's email:

"Osama bin Laden is more diplomatic than her."

From my colleague, telling me about a different client's email to her:

"The NAME DELETED OR ELSE WE ARE ALL BUSTED b@t##h would like to schedule a meeting with me and 'somebody from senior management' and have a talk with her and her supervisor because after I sent the SAME information three times to three different IDIOTS she 'however, do not appreciate the tone of your emails as I can read well between the lines (ie, AND, AND THIS)' when I forwarded the information to her. She is so smart…she can read well between the lines…so I guess my boss will tell her that effective 'today,' NAME DELETED OR WE ARE ALL BUSTED will not 'engage' in further business. Hmmm….would you like to be the person from 'senior management'?"

"Senior management"? Does this client not realized that my colleague owns the place?

I have worked with this woman for close to 20 years. [Damn, it hurts to type that number.] She worked for me when I ran a place, and I've done projects for her ever since she opened her own business close to 10 years ago. I love her. But she is so far from diplomatic, it is scary. Pete and I joke about how, if she had her own country, most people populating the U.S. (and, frankly, the world) would not be allowed to live.

We're working on two projects together which are kicking my ass. I am fried. But it is fun to associate with a woman who takes absolutely no shit from anyone.

I like that in a woman.


Stefanie said...

Me to. Those kinds of women inspire me.

Jomama said...

Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X both had their impact on improving race relations. Sometimes you need diplomacy and irrefutable logic. And sometimes you need a big stick.


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