Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Make a Lousy Scarecrow

I opened the door and the dog took off running.

The cat! The cat!

The cat, being a cat, was much faster than the dog. This is especially true when she senses danger.

The dog! The dog!

The mouse that the cat had trapped and been toying with started to scurry as best he could, given the likely internal bleeding and the obvious trauma to his back legs.

Reprieve! Reprieve!

That's when the crow, having been watching the cat-and-mouse encounter with sheer delight, swooped in to make his own play for the mouse.

Dinner! Dinner!

Then the woman, brandishing her Chuckit, chased the crow away from the mouse.

Get away! Get away!

The indignant crow went to the nearest tree and screamed at the woman.

Bitch! Bitch!

The mouse caught its breath, which was difficult now what with the collapsed lungs and all, and started its slow scurry again.

Another reprieve! Another reprieve!

The woman turned to get the dog back and to start the morning walk. The crow, realizing there was no time for pecking when the woman was around, swooped in, picked up the mouse and flew away.

The cat may have lost the mouse, and the dog may have lost the cat, but that poor mouse was clearly the big loser.

Score one for the crow.

Caw! Caw!

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Tyne said...

That is awesome- although I like the label "the wilds of suburbia" just as much as the post itself.

Magpie said...

Crows are wild. We have a crow call - a plastic whistle thingy - and every once in a while, we use it to incite them. It freaks the neighbors out.

tiff said...

oh crow!

this was fun to read!

not a big fan of the crows...although we had the huger version...the raven that would torment our dog yard in Alaska...oh boy!

Jomama said...

Very funny--and well written!

Ummm, is Magpie a regular reader, or did she just stop by for the Crow bit?


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