Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Will Remember You

I Will Remember My Own Woody 

That little boy? The one dressed quite Woody-like nearly 10 years ago?

He wonders that, given we have so many Pixar people living around here, perhaps employees' children go to our same pediatric dentist.

That dentist? We gifted him all of our Toy Story and Toy Story 2 toys, so little kids, apprehensive about seeing the dentist, would find toys to play with and imagine with.

And maybe, just maybe, that former little boy thinks, the Pixar mommies and daddies visiting our dentist were assured that those Toy Story and Toy Story 2 toys came from a boy who had outgrown those toys but wanted others to enjoy and love and play with those toys.


And maybe that's why I kept crying throughout Toy Story 3.

That little boy? He's not going to college right away. But he's closer to college than he is to dressing up as Woody. And he is so old that he understands and, even, appreciates my tears.
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Anonymous said...

Made me cry too. But kids were not quite as understanding :-).

Michele R said...

My 14 yr old son went last week with a bunch of guy friends. He came home and told me I was going to need Kleenex when I went to see it. I haven't yet. Saw Grown Ups instead.

mayberry said...

I want to see that movie, but I'm also scared! of the crying.

Jomama said...

Well, my 8 yo has already seen it on a field trip, and he said it was totally awesome! But did not mention anything remotely sentimental in the plot. He wouldn't.

Debbie, i obsess said...

Oh, my heart. Oh! Our hearts.

Caloden said...

Oh god, we just got home from seeing that movie and I wept through most of it. My oldest will be 17 tomorrow. Not going to college right away either. It's all just so much sometimes and it goes by so fast. Hugs to you.

Lori said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'll make sure I am prepared with plenty of tissues.


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