Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Can You Canoe?

Canoeing down the Russian River on a hot afternoon. Doesn't that just sound divine?

It doesn't if you have never canoed before and you always want to do everything perfectly and you never want to look foolish or inept and you are painfully shy and you don't get to go with your family but with someone else's.

Under those circumstances, such an invitation being extended appears to you to be courtesy of Death himself.

But you have no discernible skills in which to make money and your allowance has essentially disappeared because you never do but the bare minimum of chores and your birthday isn't until November and everyone knows Christmas isn't until December so there is no way to make money to buy another Xbox game.

So you accept your mother's bribe of 20 bucks to go, damn it, because you'll have fun.

But on your way out, your parting comment is, "Okay, but if I drown, you're not invited to my funeral."

*               *               *

Yes, I bribed him. Is it a proud parental moment for me? Probably not so much. But he went, he had fun, he didn't drown in the knee-high river water, and he did something on his own. That was worth it to me.

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tiff said...

oh boy this made me i thought it was you the whole time...but it was your son! i thought wow...her mom is bribing her to canoe...AWESOME! my brain is not functioning this morning!

canoeing is pretty amazingly fun! especially if you camp along the way..just sayin'.

glad he made it back alive...and you wont have to worry about the funeral arrangements! :)

Jeni said...

The last thing in the world I would ever have any problem with/doing is bribing a child to do something, anything! The only thing with my kids, now with my grandkids too, bribery still never works when any type of cleaning up somewhere is involved. Wish I could find some type of bribes that work effectively in that respect.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Not invited to his funeral. *Snort!*

Tara R. said...

This really made me want to take the peeps canoeing. I think the College Kid may balk, but The Boy will have fun peeing off the side of the kayak. Hubs will start yelling 'Ramming speed' in preparation for tipping my canoe. Yeah, summer fun at its best. At least the water will be refreshingly cool.

FourJedis said...

That is hilarious. Glad he survived quality time!

Jomama said...

Love it. We use bribes from time to time, and have never regretted it, despite the twinge of guilt that comes with it. Good for you, Mama, forcing him to try something new.


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