Saturday, July 3, 2010

Carport Camping with the Cat

The two kids and I have had a visitor the last few times we've done our carport camping in the pop-up: our very independent and totally vicious cat Ruby.

A feral kitten by birth, we adopted her in November 2002. In August, she will be eight years old. The Christmas before last, she went missing for 10 days, and we had given up hope, but she returned. She remains an outdoor cat, coming by the house in the mornings and afternoons for food. She hasn't ventured into the house in the nearly four years we've had Corrie the wonder-mutt.

[It wasn't as if she actually lived in the house before Corrie's arrival, but she would sometimes spend the night indoors, on her terms.]

But these last few times of our camping in the driveway, she has joined Daughter, Youngest and me in the trailer at night. The first night, she slept on the opposite side of the camper. The next time, she slept between the two kids. Last night, she slept next to me.

She purrs. She rubs herself against our legs. She kneads our bodies.

And then she bites us.

Because that's what Ruby does.

I put up with it, of course, feeling that raised-Catholic guilt that she's being shortchanged by her life on the street.

She might be a vicious cat and all, but she's our vicious cat.


Michele R said...

She is a beautiful, albeit vicious cat. I'd be the same way--would still pet her, even knowing a bite may be forthcoming.
We have a SIL in FL with a huge orange cat who is male, regal, and who will end up sleeping with you, but has bitten someone every time we have visited. Neither I, nor the boys, can resist touching that fur.

Susan Tiner said...

Aww. We've got a half-feral grabby tab similar to yours, and he ran away once too, then came home. We got him a soft bed and that seemed to do the trick.

Anonymous said...

We have a feral cat, Mojo, that behaves exactly the same way. He loves to wrap himself around our legs and pur, likes his back scratched, and comes running to greet us when we arrive home. But at some point in the pet and purr game he always has to reach up and slap me with claws extended. Never visciously, just enough to make me yell at him, then he goes back to the cuddle routine again. I think it's his way of asserting his independence and letting me know he is the boss, even if he allows himself the indulgence of a little TLC. God bless our furry friends!

Tara R. said...

Ruby is gorgeous! What's a little nibbling between family?

One of our cats is a toe gnasher. My hubs gets the worst of it. She must like how he tastes.

Jocelyn said...

That's a really good picture of her, as I feel like I want to pet her, yet I also feel like she might crawl down my throat and suffocate me while I sleep.

Jomama said...

There is a feral cat that sleeps on our front porch. We don't see him often, but one of the chairs is covered in cat hair, even thought we don't own a cat.

Camping in the driveway--I so want a pop-up, but we don't have enough driveway for it to live in...

Though backyard camping might just be the reason we shouldn't rip out our back lawn after all...


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