Friday, July 16, 2010

Conehead the Barbarian

She is not pleased.

My friend Joanne points out that dogs have no sense of the temporary. Corrie is clearly thinking, "This thing is going to be on the rest of my life!"

But I'm anticipating that it is a long life.

The tumor was only growing externally, which means there was no damage to her, ahem, bodily functions. The surgeon was able to remove it quite easily, according to our vet.

Now we play several types of waiting games. One is for the results of the lab work on the tumor itself.

Another is for her pain to lessen.

The third, of course, is for that damn cone to come off. The vet says it needs to stay on 10 days. Considering that an extreme, I'm planning on it being on for 6 to 7 days. Additionally, we're allowed to take it off when we feed her and when we take her for a walk and when we are being vigilant in watching her.

But have you ever freed a dog from the cone of shame only to have to put it on again? Good times, good times. So it's off to Pet Food Express later for a top-of-the-line cone. Only the best for my Mutton Head.


Jeni said...

Hope the lab tests all come back okay now too. I sure don't envy you having to contend with a dog that size and the cone though! Actually, I wouldn't envy anyone with a dog of any size -large or small -trying to manipulate getting one of those cones on and off!

Lori said...

sounds like good news. My cat had the cone on a few weeks ago...then the other one had it on and when I got hoe after being out for a few hours, he had escaped from it!


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