Friday, July 30, 2010

Do You Need a List of My Other Friends to Avoid?

Remember the kerfuffle a few months back regarding idiots who believe they can leave anonymous comments and not be found out? Said idiots are former friends -- now -- who were bothered by something I'd written on my blog. Rather than approach me and tell me in person, they tried to hide under the cloak of anonymity and insult me in comments.

It was obvious who they were, even without tracking the link that brought them to the blog. And I made it clear that I knew who they were.

We have never spoken again. They went on to tell other people about the post and to try to rouse anger at my admitted selfish, elitist and racist stance that I chose an excellent elementary school for my kids to attend rather than the bottom-scoring school which is our local one.


Fast forward to today, when my dear friend Joanne was shopping at Costco. She ran into a mutual friend who was with this former friend. Chat, chat, chat went the mutual friend to Joanne. When this former friend didn't interact at all, the mutual friend tried to reintroduce her and Joanne, assuming the former friend didn't remember Joanne.

Former friend's response? "I remember her, she's Patty's friend."


There's a saying that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I believe the opposite is true for this fine former friend of mine.

Again, I can only say, "Hahahahahahahahaha."

And welcome us all back to junior high.


Kelly O said...

Omg, srsly? How totally effing junior high. Why do people suck so hard?

tiff said...

nothing like returning to jr. if that was so much fun that we would like to relive it!

you have a great attitude about it all...but does seem like some don't know how to have relationships w/o drama...ugh!!!!

Patois42 said...

Yeah, I wasn't a fan of junior high myself. It's not as if Joanne ever made mention of the incident on my blog or to other people for that matter. So it's all about any friend of mine is to be shunned. Of course, considering who it is, shunning sounds like a fine thing.

Tara R. said...

This post and the one after could have had the same title, different reasons...

What a Feeb.

Chris said...

My thought when I read this- What a bitch. Is that bad?

Patois42 said...

While I think calling someone a bitch would get you in trouble way back in junior high, I think it's okay to do it now.


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