Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Dog's Tail

The lab can't tell if the dog's tumor is benign. The only way to be sure is to surgically remove it and run more tests. And if it wasn't enough to hope it's benign, we have to also hope that she doesn't have a genetic quirk that will have another tumor crop up in its stead. And we also have to hope that it isn't growing inwardly as much as it is outwardly. And we also have to hope that it (or the surgery) won't affect her bodily functions. And we also have to hope...

I suck at hoping. I'm a pessimist down to my very core. I always anticipate the worst. No, "anticipate" isn't the correct word. "Expect" is the word to use when it comes to my Eeyore outlook on life. And death.

But there are three kids who love the mutt and whom I'd prefer to not saddle with such a shitty outlook, in this case and in their lives in general.

So everything is going to be fine!

She'll come out of surgery on Thursday just fine!

The tumor will be nothing!

There will be no ill effects!

[Seriously, how do optimists effin' do it?]


tiff said...

I knew there was a reason we connect! I am an EEYORE...if that were an astrological sign that would be me...I am pretty damn close...a Gemini!

Hoping for the best for you sweet dog!

Jomama said...

Have you ever read "Learned Optimism" by Martin Seligman? It relates to this post very well.

Good luck with the test results

Tyne said...

oh man, hope it turns out okay... but I am not that great at hoping either!

mayberry said...

I'll do some hoping for you, OK?

cjm said...

Good luck to the whole family. Hope everything goes well.

Coma Girl said...

Poor puppy! Hope everything goes well! Keep us posted.


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