Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just a Dog

She's just a dog. A mutt, even. Part Catahoula Leopard, other parts unknown. She was unwanted and unloved and whoever owned her mother unceremoniously dumped this mutt and her litter mates along the side of the rode up north toward Mt. Shasta.

Her luck changed the day the Marin Humane Society, as part of their pet partnership program with the local overcrowded shelter, brought her down here.

Our maybe it's our luck that changed that day nearly four years ago.

In the end, though, she's just a dog. From the moment she rested her head on my knee when we met her at the Humane Society, all she's ever been is a dog.

She howls at the sound of sirens.

She chases a ball incessantly, only stopping when she collapses from exhaustion and near-heat-stroke.

She will not leave me alone in the morning until we go to the field so she can chase balls.

And she will start harassing us again starting at about 3 p.m. each day because she needs to be taken out to chase balls.

She treats Pete and me as her servants, always wanting to go out. Or, no, wait, come in. No, no, no, back out. Oh, back in.

She envies us our opposable thumbs.

When she sees us first thing in the morning, her whole body submits at the pleasure. You can say it's because she sees us, even though we might think it's because she wants breakfast.

She is just a dog.

And she has a tumor on her backside. We'll find out on Monday precisely what it is. The best hope for Corrie the Wonder Mutt is that it is benign and she'll have outrageously expensive surgery on Thursday or Friday.

And she will continue to be just a dog. Our dog.


Nona said...

She's just a beauty of a dog and I hope for the best result. Enjoy every minute with her.

Jomama said...

Good Luck!

tiff said...

she looks like a sweet dog...hoping for good news! hugs ♥

Jeni said...

No wonder she's such a good dog, pet, friend -call it what you want -it's because she's a black mutt and they just happen to be the best! (Even our sweet little Sammy mutt here -cute as he is, nice and gentle as he is too -still can't beat the little black mutt I had from April of 1958 until June of 1963! Those five years of my life with that dog by my side -pretty darned hard for any other dog to compete with him. I'm hoping things turn out all for the best for your "Wonder-mutt" too!

mayberry said...

Fingers crossed for her and you--she's beautiful.

Tara R. said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that the tumor is not life-threatening.

Both of our Girls are shelter rescues. Best dang dogs ever! Mutts rawk.

Major Bedhead said...

She's a lovely dog. Fingers crossed that it's benign and you have many more years with her.


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