Sunday, July 18, 2010

Playdates and Painting

Daughter and Youngest went to hang out at a friend's house one day last week when my obligation to work collided with Pete's similar obligation.

Could the two of them have peacefully co-existed for several hours, ostensibly supervised by Eldest? Considering the two have never co-existed, peacefully or otherwise, during any waking hours, and considering Eldest likes to stay in his mole hole in the cool basement and would likely have never heard any of the epic bickering between the two, I chose the far wiser course of begging a friend to take them.

This is what Daughter created while she was there, in between playing Capture the Flag and swimming at the community pool.

I don't know the genesis of the picture, the inspiration. Daughter's answers are evasive at best, although she did assure me that it wasn't a paint-by-numbers set. I'll ask my friend about it later today.

In the meantime, I will stare in awe at it, impressed as only a parent could be at the color choices and paint strokes and, of course, a child's interpretation of the sun. To me, it reflects a summer day spent in pursuits a step (or two) above the ordinary.

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tiff said...

i ♥ that painting! i bet it looks fabulous in your home! makes me inspired to do something with my boys'...but probably wont...they need a friend w/ a mom that does shit like this with them...i kinda lose my creative juice during the summer months! so sad!!!


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