Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Team Steve Burns

It's not as if I haven't gotten used to purging through clothes and toys and videos the kids have outgrown. The clothes move out pretty quickly in order to make room for clothes that actually do fit. The toys and videos leave more slowly, first put away to make sure no one still wants to play or watch, and then cast away to thrift shops or to the curb for pick up by whatever organization is pretending to be a non-profit working for whatever needy cause or to the rare garage sale.

Some never go. Some stay in the secret room or in boxes in storage for me to bring out many, many, many years from now to show grown children and their spouses and their own children. [Don't think I'm not expecting them to appreciate this. I am.]

But when the last working VCR bit the dust a couple of months ago, it became clear that there is no justifiable reason to save these.

This hard-worn copy of Toy Story has to go, which is not so hard to part with since I know we'll be buying the three-part set when it comes out months from now.

But this one is truly the gut-wrencher. I was pregnant with Daughter. Eldest was about 18 months old, and he loved "Clu-Clu." This was long before the advent of finding any show on pretty much any time of day. And there were no videos of the show yet.

Pete and I were watching Nick at Nite. Remember, this was in the heyday of good shows being on Nick at Nite. A commercial came on for the very first Blue's Clues video, which you could only buy by calling.

I remember how stoked we were that we were going to get a Blue's Clues video. I remember how much Eldest loved it. I remember us memorizing the damn episodes on it. I remember.

I know it's considered practically sinful to become attached to inanimate objects. Forgive me this sin.


tiff said...

awe...memory lane w/ vhs. amazing how quickly those went out...we got rid of ours when we moved from one village to the next and had to return the vhs player to a friend...we didn't even own one...ha :)

blues clues cracks me up...as my brother looks like one of the guys that talks to that dog...i think it might be Steve...not sure it could be the cousin? is that right?

i am sure you can replace that vhs too along with your box set of toy story...hee :)

Tara R. said...

We have so many VHS tapes from the kids' childhood. I don't even want to think about getting rid of them yet. They can't have outgrown them yet, right?

Coma Girl said...

Aww, it is sad to throw out those things when you think of it that way.

We still have a working VCR and my daughter watches my step-son's old videos. Whenever I have to rewind a tape, I know why they invented DVD's.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

I wIll never be able to part with Dr. Seuss's ABC book. I've still got the damned thing memorized after all this time. *Sniff*

Patois42 said...

Many books are definitely here to stay!


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