Friday, July 23, 2010

This is the First Time I'm Leaving You

Youngest and Pete are headed off to Kansas City tomorrow to see a match between the greatest football team ever and some American soccer team from Kansas City.

[Please note that whenever I use the term "football," it means the real sport, not that Americanized bastardized version of the proper English sport of rugby. I use the term "soccer" only with regard to American players and teams. I do so at the behest of my die-hard, football-playing Youngest. It is with great disappointment that he has to play on a youth "soccer" team by virtue of the cruel twist of fate that had his British dad hooking up with an American mom who plans to stay in the lovely clime of Northern California rather than move to England. You do know that "England" is Latin for "Land of the Pasty White People," yes?]

It is just the two of them going. Eldest was invited, but he declined, primarily because Youngest was going. Ahem.

Youngest got a bit weepy this morning as we went for our morning walk with Corrie the Wonder Mutt, she of the tumor-less tush.

"I'm really going to miss you. This is the first time I'm leaving you," he said.

And it is. It is the first time. And now I'm a bit weepy recognizing that the second time and third time and fourth time and 100th time will come far sooner rather than later.


cjm said...

Lordy, weepy pregnant women should not read this post.

Sweet of him to take note of it, though.

Jocelyn said...

Listen, I HAVE NOT been having a few quiet tears the last few days as my kids are out at my aunt and uncle's house. Have not. So stop trying to tap into something like that here with your own personal sadness. 'Cause I don't know what you're talking about at all.

Incidentally, have you read Kelly Corrigan's LIFT?

Jomama said...

I'm so not ready for his first departure, that I went along for the whole week of Boy Scout camping in the woods. Yeesh. I'm a little more ready to let go now.


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