Monday, July 19, 2010

When I Am Older

When I am older, and there are no more children living in my house, I want to sit outside, and I want to hear the sounds of children arguing about the rules of a game of which I have no idea of what they're talking about, and I want to listen to their words, and I want to glean the rules, and I want to understand those rules, and I want to smile at the memory of my own children playing in the pool with rules about the Cheese Touch, and I want to go Google what that might possibly mean.

So that I know. And so that I remember.

[Photo memory courtesy]


FourJedis said...

That's so sweet. Kids are so clever and so cute, especially when it comes to stuff like that. :)

Michele R said...

I read your post and thought a monment and then got it. Oh, I will miss that interaction too. How will I keep up with the trends in kids' books and sayings?
Grandkids. I want my kids to take their time and make the right mate choice one day....but I can't wait for grandkids!

Tyne said...

Nice! I love a good game of cheese touch.


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