Sunday, August 29, 2010

In Full Swing

My wrist and elbow are aching from spending too much time at the computer with databases, willingly for work and begrudgingly for free, and too much time at the dining room table, pen in hand, filling out form after form and too much time at the checkbook writing and signing checks for school activities

The middle school PTA says in its paperwork, "The form must be completed by all parents so we know you've reviewed the enclosed materials." They must be? Forms related to membership and gift books and the PTA directory, wholly unrelated to the numerous school district forms that truly must be completed so my kids can go to school?

So, yeah, I wrote in, "Not really 'must,' right?"

And when the elementary school secretary office manager reneges on her vow to enter the school district forms for each child in time for us to produce the school directory, I suck it up and update the database my f#$kin' self and generate the forms for all parents to fill out and know that I'll spend hours updating the database again with their corrections. And kill a bunch of trees in the process.

So, no, we're not really ready to walk that green talk.

And the playgrounds at the elementary school are still unfinished, even though the superintendent cheerily stated in her August missive that "All playgrounds at our elementary schools have new, safe, playground equipment." And what was wrong with the old ones? Close to nothing.

So, no, we're not really ready to walk that green talk, are we?

Oh, yeah, we're in full swing. We just don't have any swings upon which to swing.

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