Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Label Says it All

Ever take a good look at the student handbook for your kids' schools?


"School staff shall encourage parents/guardians or other volunteers to support the district's nutrition education program by considering nutritional quality when selecting any snacks which they may donate for occasional class parties and by limiting foods or beverages that do not meet nutritional standards to no more than one such food or beverage per party. Class parties or celebrations shall be held after the lunch period when possible (Board Policy)."

In other words, those Halloween and Christmas Winter and Valentine's Day parties that kids love can have only one junk food. Now, I'm all for also providing fruit and cheese and crackers and the like, but are they seriously going to say you can't have cookies and chips?

"Teachers have the right to refuse food items brought to their classes without prior permission."

Fair enough.

"Flowers and balloons [on a child's birthday] are thoughtful gestures, however, we are sensitive to the fact that this may cause some children to feel badly. If flowers and balloons are delivered to the school, we will hold them in the office until the end of the day."

STFU. "...may cause some children to feel badly." Are you kidding me? I've never thought to bring a balloon for a birthday, but I am so going to find out the birthdays of all of Youngest's friends and bring a balloon each time. 


"Playing tag or chasing games [is not allowed]."

What a crock. I'm guessing it's because that might cause children to feel badly.

Partners in Safety

Anybody who has ever had to drop off or pick up their kids knows the horror that is the traffic circle. At our school, they're now calling it the "Kiss & Go Circle." Oh, yeah, that's so going to make it go more smoothly. "Kiss & Go." Hahahahahaha. Ha.



Tara R. said...

I am so glad both of my kids are out of school and I don't have to worry about this PC crap any longer.

Lori said...

I wonder what snacks they have in the vending machine in the teacher's lounge.

tiff said...

oh is all about not making the kids feel badly...smiles!

i am not even sure i have ever read the manual...we have one as teachers and one for parents/students...

our vending machine doesn't have food, but it sure as hell has tons of sugar, caffeine loaded soda...that is appropriate...right?

my favorite is don't play tag at't that what the kids like to do...good luck stopping that!

i do hope that you bring in a balloon for every child in your kiddo's class on their birthday...that would be awesome!!!!

Magpie said...

See now, I don't think I've ever bothered to read ours. :)

Also, I'm damned glad we have buses, because that drop-off/pick-up line stuff I always hear about sounds AWFUL.


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