Saturday, August 7, 2010

Random Thoughts on Vacation Day 1

  • After checking in with Hawaiian Airlines and finally getting to the front of the line of security, we discovered that the airline clerk who checked us in neglected to stamp our boarding passes. Homeland Security, ever vigilant, made our family of five go all the way back to the clerk for the stamp. When we turned our boarding passes over to her and said, "They sent us back because you forgot to stamp our passes," she replied, "While at least they're paying attention today." I resisted the urge to slap her silly and point out she clearly wasn't. 
  • The in-flight entertainment was some lame-ass movie about a surfer dude going back in time to the origins of Duke and his longboards. As near as I could tell, the movie's only purpose was to serve as a whore to surfing gear manufacturers and Duke-related restaurants on the islands. And, yes, I could totally tell this without any headset rental. 
  • With the exception of that screw-up by the check-in person with Hawaiian Airlines we experienced zero travel-related hang-ups. On-time arrival, the outrageously priced one piece of checked luggage ($25!!) arrived at our destination, we didn't wait for the car at Avis at all, and Embassy Suites checked us in two hours early. The kids behaved admirably in travel mode, mostly obeying my mantra of the "two key words for our travel every time: cope and cooperation." 
  • Eldest has again made known his utter disdain of sand on his feet or sandals. It's Hawaii, for God's sake. That had us briefly wondering why we brought him with us. 
  • The vacation is costing about $250 more than we expected it would: Daughter lost her retainer, only discovering it 20 minutes after we'd left the lunch spot. Yes, I went through the trash can. You betcha. But to no avail. One customer tried to throw his garbage into the bin I was going through and the others were all huddled around. I said, "Um, excuse me, I'm trying to find my daughter's retainer. Could you use another trash can?" His response, "Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you worked here." I'm going to assume that response had more to do with the fact that I was wearing plastic gloves than the state of my clothing and my demeanor. 
  • Youngest remains Youngest, with all that it entails. His interactions with his siblings are humorous. Well, they're absolutely freakin' hilarious as long as you're not a member of our immediate family. 
  • We forced ourselves to stay up until after 9 p.m. in hopes of getting on island time. Alas, I slept horribly and finally gave up all hope of sleeping at about 4:30 a.m. Which is why I now sit in the gorgeous lobby of the Embassy Suites Waikiki Beach. Is it too early to start drinking mai tais? 
  • On tap today is a morning hike up Diamond Head and then a drive out to the Dole Plantation. Of course, we'll be beaching it, too. Sorry, Eldest, looks like you might get sandy.


Jomama said...

How long is the flight to Hawaii from SFO? I am thinking we will try that as a practice vacation before embarking on a longer, more culturally challenging trip to Korea in a few years.

My youngest hated sand as a toddler. In fact, so did my oldest--making us wonder what we were doing huddled in a tent on a gorgeous Hawaiian beach with a baby that couldn't tolerate, heat, sun, or sand, and was still breastfeeding.

I like your 2 keywords: Cope and Cooperate. Sounds like a good philosophy for life in general!

tiff said...


enjoy all things sandy...all things pineappley...and no it is never to early to start drinking in hawaii!

Lori said...

sounds like the vaca is off to a great start, sand and all!

Chris said...

Aloha! And no, it is NEVER to early to start driniking mai tais!


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