Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vacation Musings

1.  The kids will miss having bagels and pancakes and rice and eggs and Fruit Loops and Diet Coke every morning for breakfast. Well, at least they can still have Diet Coke.

2.  Daughter was totally pleased with being treated like a princess every time we retrieved or dropped off the car. Eldest set her straight by saying, "It's called valet parking, dummy."

3.  It's been the coldest summer in Marin County in 60 years. The house is 10 degrees colder than the AC was set at in the hotel room. Damn global warming.

4.  While Daughter plunked down her spending money on swimming with a dolphin, both boys never really found anything they wanted to buy. That doesn't count the fact that Youngest wanted and was denied both a ukulele and a drum.

5.  Eldest really isn't much of a sand guy. Or a beach guy. Or a sun guy. Or a guy who will be coming with us on our next vacation.

6.  I think we're titling our vacation as "The Bickerers Take it to the Tropics."

7.  It is never quiet in Waikiki Beach. Except Sunday mornings at about 3 o'clock. Other than that, it is in constant motion.

8.  Flip flops are not appropriate footwear for climbing Diamond Head. We are grateful that only the heartiest of the three children came with us for the hike.

9.  In the end, cold as it might be, there is no place like home. At least when you've got children.


Tara R. said...

I miss having Froot Loops for breakfast.

Swimming with the dolphins looks very cool. I plunk down money for that.

Anonymous said...

It looks and sounds delightful, even with the typical family ups and downs, and yes - in the end - there is no place like home! Swimming with the dolphins... priceless!

Patois42 said...

You even got the spelling of that cereal correct! And here I made the mistake of calling it "fruit." As if!

Caloden said...

"Eldest really isn't much of a sand guy. Or a beach guy. Or a sun guy. Or a guy who will be coming with us on our next vacation."

Gotta laugh with that one. My oldest is still traumatized from our Maui experience when he was 9. Can't bear to be immersed in water and now only showers. Teen boys are so much fun.Glad you all had a good time though.


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