Monday, August 23, 2010

Yeah, I'm THAT Citizen

So, yeah, I've got no update on the damaged fence at the school. Except that the principal asked me this morning if I'd ever contacted the city regarding it. Of course, this was only six months after being told by her and others that it was a school district issue.

So, no, in the six days since I contacted the city about the fu$%in' fence, I've heard nothing back.

So, yeah, being that squeaky wheel, I just emailed the head of the city's maintenance division with this:

I'm hopeful that you could possibly help me with regard to fixing a fence that separates SCHOOL from the creek that runs through PARK and ROAD. I spoke with your colleague, NAME, last week and hadn't heard back.

I have a child at SCHOOL. That fence is a hazard. For many, many months, I was under the impression that it was a school district issue. As you can see from the email trail, I learned last week that the district now claims it is a City issue.

I would like to know several things, if you would be so kind:

1.  Is it, in fact, the City's responsibility to repair this fence?
2.  If it is, what will it take for the fence to be repaired?
3.  If it is not, please advise me as to whom actually needs to fix the fence before someone -- in a re-worked tribute to comments to Ralphie in "A Christmas Story" -- loses an eye.

In the meantime, we're plotting to have me lose an eye while playing on the field. It's the left eye, which isn't the dominant one, so I think I'll be fine. But rich.


Michele R said...

Totally laughed at your last lines!
That downed fence is so unacceptable.

Patois42 said...

Michele, I'm so happy to amuse!

Lori said...

Good that you're working on such an important community issue on this day, your birthday! Hope your family waited on you hand and foot! After all, once you go blind, you'll need their help..


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