Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fanaticism (the Harmless Kind)

The only bumper sticker I've ever put on a car had one long word on it, all in block letters, black lettering on a pure white strip.


I put it on the 1971 Mustang I'd bought from my boyfriend. And it told everyone what mattered to me most of all.


The car died in a spectacular fashion about 10 days after I'd finished up college. Driving back to my mother's house after hanging out with a friend, I was slowing down to about 50 to exit the highway when the right axle snapped. A spectacular end to quite a very cool car. With a hell of a bumper sticker.


I've been toying with putting a bumper sticker on my beloved Jeep.

My Other Car is a
'69 CHEVY WITH A 396

If you can read those words and be transported back in time, then you are my kind of people. The kind of people who are going to plunk down $115 to get the 3 CD/3 DVD set of "The Promise."


Christmas is going to come about five weeks early this year for me.



Tara R. said...

How's your 360-degrees going? You may get that Christmas wish after all.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I was just on the OFFICIAL Springsteen Web site listening to Save My Love, one of the unreleased tracks on The Promise, and wondering if I am going to have to switch from Showtime to HBO to see the premier of the "Making Of"doucmentary on October 7! And do I preorder it to get the T-shirt and risk the chance of not having it on Nov. 16, or just plunk down my money at the local Best Buy to insure I can spend the whole day on the 16th lost in Darkness? Decisions, decisions. Love to you and the family Sis, Steve

Major Bedhead said...


*sigh* I wish I had the money to get that. Although, it does get released 2 days after my birthday, but somehow I doubt anyone in my family will see the importance of me owning this, especially when it's so expensive. My family does not understand my love of Mr. Springsteen at all. It's very sad.

Magpie said...

I think I love you.

Lori said...

And I am proud to say, I started it all. Many years ago. And I have that very same bumper sticker...see, I never wanted to use them on my car, so I stuck them up on my dorm room wall. Now they sit in a cardboard box in my garage. One day I'll pull them out and paste them all over the back of my car!!


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