Thursday, September 23, 2010

Knowing When to Shut Up

It's not something innate to me, the ability to know when to shut up. It's something I'm learning as I go along. Which is just one more bit of evidence to hold up to my children to say that, yes, one has to learn lessons one's whole life through. [But, yes, you can stop learning math once you're out of school.]

Daughter is 12. And she is all that 12 entails. And there are events going on in her life, in our lives, that I want to talk about. A year ago? Two years ago? Four years ago, when I first started this blog? Everything seemed fair game to me, or at least everything that I was willing to share seemed fair game to me.

But Daughter is 12.

She gets her own life back now, to keep or to share as she desires. That doesn't mean I won't ever mention her. But I'm going to know when to shut up when it comes to her, just like I've learned to shut up when it comes to Eldest.

Poor Youngest. His life will remain an open blog. For a little while longer.


Laura Marchant said...

I agree.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

I have to admit that when my kids get older, I will have a hard time no longer posting about them on the blog. Good for you, hon!


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