Saturday, October 23, 2010

Grinding My Teeth

The teen center had a dance last night for 7th and 8th graders. Daughter, of course, had to go because all her friends were going to be there and it was only $10 and she would spend her own money on snacks and she just loves to dance. Who could resist, right?

You think when your 12-year-old daughter goes to a dance at a city-run chaperoned teen center that nothing untoward would happen.

You think?

While she was dancing a boy behind her was grinding, pretending she was a willing partner. She was mortified. [Even if she's not entirely sure what the grinding represents.]

And when she was taking a break, enjoying a slice of pizza at a table in an open area, some boys came up to her and shouted, "No more pizza for you!" She said, in her best quizzically sarcastic voice, "Do I even know you?" In response, at least one of the boys shouted, "Eff you." [Only he didn't say "eff." He said the word itself. And while I use the word myself quite a bit, I'm having a particularly hard time writing it as its use was related to my daughter.]

I cannot fathom my own 8th-grade Eldest doing such things to a girl. Even if you add in the bolstering of friends egging him on, I can't see him doing his damnedest to intimidate or shock someone he didn't know or even someone he did know.

When those boys went home last night, did their fathers fist-bump them when they heard what they'd done? Did their mothers get tears of pride in their eyes? Is that the kind of people who is raising these boys?

Or are they just like me, unable to imagine such behavior from their children?

I want to believe these kids are the product of the former. 


Tara R. said...

I hope these boys' parents would be mortified if they knew how they were acting, especially toward a young lady.

Where were the dance chaperones during this 'dancing' and verbal exchange?

Patois42 said...

Tara, I have talked further with my daughter about this. It turns out there was ONE adult, taking tickets. The other chaperones were a half-dozen high school kids, boys and girls. W.T.F.?

Suffice it to say, I am ripping the teen center a new one come Monday. And if the response is, "Why don't you come chaperone?" Well, honey, you bet your ass I will. Why don't you frickin' ask?

Jomama said...

You go girl! I just hope they don't make you become a part-time employee to do it!

Magpie said...



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