Thursday, October 7, 2010

Please, Take Our Money

Remember awhile back when some idiot rear-ended me on the freeway?

No injuries. Check.

No apparent damage to the Jeep. Check.

No insurance on idiot's part. WHAT?

Yeah, it turns out the cop was wrong when he told me he thought the man's license and insurance were good.

My insurance company called me last week and gave me the good news. Good news that he was uninsured? How is that "good news," you say?

Because the Jeep is so old, I don't have insurance on its repair were I to be at fault in an accident. But, with the wonders that is making-up-for-horrific-playing-blind-to-how-illegal-immigrants-are-sucking-resources-dry, my uninsured driver part of the policy kicked in. That would be the uninsured driver part that we have to all carry because, did I mention, it is called "making-up-for-horrific-playing-blind-to-how-illegal-immigrants-are-sucking-resources-dry"?

So, bonus, people, the insurance agent said she was going to send me $250 for pain and suffering!

To which I said, "No."

Because I wasn't injured. And I didn't suffer. And, as I explained to her, I'm just part of the problem for high insurance costs if I take the money.

BUT I did offer to pay her that $250 if she'd give me the asshole's name and address.

And, and, and BUT she called me back an hour later to say she couldn't stop the wheels of progress for any ethical twit, so I'd be getting the check anyway.

BUT BUT BUT then I said I'd just rip it up.

And, and, and BUT BUT BUT she said I'd have to send it back or it would be counted as out there forevermore.


With all of the illegal immigrants causing increased auto insurance costs, increased health care and health insurance costs, and suck-ass education in public schools.

Have I mentioned before that I'm an elitist, racist bitch? Oh, yeah, I did. When I was dealing with stupid-ass people earlier this year.

Maybe I should just donate the $250 to the ACLU?


Mrs4444 said...

You're so funny. And honest. I like you. Glad you weren't seriously hurt.

Magpie said...

Wow. They wouldn't not send you the money? Yes, send it to the ACLU. Or something.


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