Saturday, October 30, 2010

Putting My Woman Pants On

So remember when I drafted a lovely note to the school district board members, the superintendent and others? You can read it here.

A few people who read it, my husband included, said I should definitely actually send it to them. Pete's main stance in life is if you don't tell people they're doing something stupid, they'll keep doing it.

So I added an intro paragraph, like so:

I am a yard duty supervisor at SCHOOL. I volunteered a couple of years ago to be a campus supervisor because my youngest child was having a hard time adjusting to school. I became an employee of the district to ensure I wouldn’t be “bumped” from the few shifts a week I wanted. Later, it seems, all campus supervisors became employees of the district. I do not do this for the money. In fact, I’m rather embarrassed that I take funds from district coffers.

And off I sent it. The reply I received this morning from the superintendent was, as my beloved Dr. House would say, "interesting."

Thank you for your email. Your question was who approved the expenditure? Based on keenan and associates report several playgrounds were in need of safety upgrades. Separate funds are set aside for this. Once the facilities director learned this, he first presented to principals who were the first to approve. He then met with trustees at a formal meeting to review the issues and discuss next steps. Then he went out to bid and trustees approved the final expenditure.

There have been concerns expressed directly to me as you have done. I will also forward your concerns to trustees.

In other words, in the best bureaucratic, Orwellian mindspeak the superintendent could muster, she answered none of my concerns.


I wonder what the Character Counts word will be at the school next month? I'm hoping it's a big word. Or maybe two big words.

"Investigative Journalism."


Tara R. said...

Passing the buck, much? If no one is ultimately responsible, there is no one to blame.

Anonymous said...

Keenan and Associates......The largest PRIVETLY OWNED Insurance Brokerage and Consultants..... No conflict of interest there then!!

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Anonymous said...

Privetly?!?!? It's early!!


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